Colere Saxophone Quartet Performs at Lewis!

Colere Saxophone Quartet Performs at Lewis!

2023-03-28 (Last Update: Tue, 28 Mar 2023) Amy Lilek 0 Arts&Ideas Events

Join us tonight at 7:30pm in Convocation Hall for a night of engaging saxophone quartet music!

Founded in 2017 at the University of Iowa, the Colere Quartet is an Iowa-City based ensemble comprised of saxophonists John Cummins, Elissa Kana, Greg Rife, and Dennis Kwok. Colere presents engaging programs consisting of a wide range of classical and contemporary music. Inspired by Iowa’s expansive farmland and the group’s commitment to cultivating musical life in the Midwest and beyond, the group got its name from the Latin word meaning “to cultivate."

The concert will also be livestreamed here or come out to Convocation Hall tonight! The event is free, and doors open at 7pm. Until then, check out a performance by Colere Quartet below!

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